Poker Game Screenshots

A friendly game of poker at the Pawn's house, this scene contains almost exclusively NURBS objects (except for the wall and door rectangles).  The primary objects are LathedObjects for the chessmen, but the door and baseboards use ExtrudedObjects.

This scene shows the door, door frame, and baseboards.  While the baseboards and the recessed door panels could have probably been rendered faster using bump maps, bump maps have not yet been implemented (and the bump map would probably need to be generated from some sort of NURBS model anyway).  The scene's framerate is still 21 fps (1.7 million polygons per second), which will only improve as optimizations are added to Ephemeris itself.

This picture does not really show off much rendering but is included in case you are curious what the hands are.  The pawn is obviously bluffing, the bishop folded, and some row is going to ensue between the two kings...

Here is the scene rendered in line views.  From this distance there are way too many polygons, but these polygons are required to get smooth surfaces as the viewer gets closer.  If NURBS weren't so expensive to render this would be a good place to alter the number of polygons produced and as hardware like the GeForce3, which has hardware accelerated NURBS becomes more common, variable polygon counts is likely to be more feasible.  (Interestingly, the scene renders at 19 fps in line-drawing mode, so the bottleneck is certainly not the fillrate).

View the source file for this scene.

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