Ephemeris is a three-dimensional rendering engine designed to quickly render photo-realistic scenes specified in a readable text file. The goal is to be able to render scenes in under one minute, with emphasis on being able to have real-time (30 fps) rendering. Current features include

  • Hardware accelerated OpenGL (where available) for speed and portability
  • Strong NURBS support for smooth curves (not curves where you see all the polygons)
  • Fractal trees with user-specifiable grammar
  • Algebraic expressions of f(x,y,z,t) (i.e. 3D graphs)
  • Physical modelling where possible (currently the sky and rudimentary Newtonian physics)
Features that will be included in future versions include
  • Reflections and maybe refraction
  • Shadows
  • Clouds
  • Plug-in modules
  • 3D Studio Max import filters
  • Linux version

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