This is a view from the parthanon near sunset.  As you can tell from the later pictures where the sun is higher in the sky, the sunlight changes color depending on the position of the sun. In this picture the aerosol absorption is a significant factor and has caused the light to be a deep orange.

This is another sunset image, taken from the other island, so that you can see the glass bridge.  Reflections haven't been fully implemented, though, so it looks more like plastic than glass.

Here is a nice grove of trees.  The darker trees are the typical, evenly distributed fractal trees, but the white trees (which were originially intended to be poplar trees) have a non-standard grammar to look a bit more asymetrical.

Here is another shot of the parthanon... In my opinion the Mie scattering at the bottom of the horizon is one of the most noticeable aspects of a clear Texas sky, and which you should be able to easily see in this picture..

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