Session 1:
Bill Hybels
Bill Hybels “The High Drama of Decision Making”
  • Great leaders crystalize principles into sayings, which saves them having to relearn the same thing over again.
Session 2:
Gary Haugen
Gary Haugen “Charging the Darkness”
  • We are God’s plan for showing people that He is good. To do this is beyond us. We can lead people to this by choosing not to be safe, by needing God, and seeking excellence and joy.
Session 3a:
Bill George
Bill George “Finding Your True North: The Spirituality of True Leaders”
    • Leading is about following who you are. If you follow something else (money, power, fame, etc.) you will lack character
Session 3b:
Interview with Wendy Kopp
Wendy Kopp “Stand Up and Lead”
  • Believes strongly that the vision of bringing poor children the opportunity to learn well is possible that she motivates people to do it with her.
Session 4:
John Burke and  Efrem Smith
John Burke
Efrem Smith
“Leading in New Cultural Realities”
  • The world doesn’t do Grace. The world does Law. But it so often doesn’t see grace from Christian
  • The job of spiritual leaders is to create the soil for God to grow the life. Just like manure, which prepares physical soil, this process is messy.
Session 5:
Craig Groeschel
Craig Groeschel “IT: How Leaders Can Get IT and Keep IT”
  • God gives it, rarely does one person bring it, not a ministry model, causes lives to be changed, attracts critics
  • Laser focused (more ministries is not better), see opportunity where others see obstactles, willingness to fail
  • In order to reach people no one else is reaching, you need to do things that no one else is doing
  • It’s about building God’s kingdom and seeing Him change lives
Session 6:
Chuck Colson
Chuck Colson “Defending the Faith”
  • We, the American Church, have exchanged Truth for Therapy
  • Culture is nothing but religion incarnate
Session 7:
Interview with Catherine Rohr
Catherine Rohr “Risk Taking, Barrier Breaking, Bold Leadership”
  • Takes four weeks with prisoners who are proven entrepreneurs but who are sick of their criminal lives, teaches them business, teaches them how to interact in a deep and healthy way.
  • Spends a lot of effort to maintain relationships with the Texas Dept. of Correctional Justice. Thanks them a lot, which has helped the relationship a lot.
Session 8:
Interview with Brad Anderson
Brad Anderson “An Uncompromising Focus on People”
  • A lot of people go into leadership to be about me. Leadership is about servant leadership—training people. These leaders get their joy out of seeing people grow rather than achieving things.
Session 9:
Bill Hybels
Bill Hybels “Relentless”
  • God is going to pick people with carte blanche yieldedness. Are you showing up on God’s radar?
  • Always say yes to God. People who say no do not have happy stories.
  • Need to wait as long as it takes.
  • “Even though I don’t feel God’s love, I will love Him like He has never been loved.”