Bill Hybels Session 1: Vision to Die For
Bill Hybels
  • Vision must be discussed to be owned
  • Are you willing to die for the vision?
  Colin Powell Session 6: A Personal Conversation with Colin Powell
  • Promote a clash of ideas
  • Design ways to probe the organization into your routine.
Carly Fiorina Session 2: Tough Choices
Carly Fiorina
  • Integrity, realism are essential
  • Management is accomplishing acceptable results within known constraints. Leadership is motivating people to try something new.
John Ortberg Session 7: A Leader’s Greatest Fear
John Ortberg
  • What is your shadow mission?
  • One sign you are on a shadow mission is deep soul dissatisfaction.
Floyd Flake Session 3: The Heat of Responsibility
Floyd Flake
  • Great Society legislation was not effective because it had no means of empowerment—it provided homes for people but no way for people to become homeowners.
  • Know who you are, what you are doing, where you are going
Richard Curtis Session 8: Living for the Greater Good
Film-maker Richard Curtis
  • Make sure to hire people who will play the part superbly, not because they are well known
Markus Buckingham Session 4: Go Put Your Strengths To Work
Markus Buckingham
  • The purpose of life is to build on your strengths, not to shore up your weaknesses
  • Change one thing every week to move you toward your strengths
Jimmy Carter Session 9: Building Humanity
Jimmy Carter
  • Give subordinates opportunities to make real decisions (e.g. his father’s approach to Jimmy)
  • The goal of the Carter Center is so that people will say “let’s go to Washington, they love peace.”
Michael Porter Session 5: Strategy and Leadership
Professor Michael Porter
  • A lot of church/corporate social programs is really about the organization feeling good about themselves
  • How can you add value (good per unit resource spent)?
  • Should an economics Ph.D. be building houses (unskilled labor) or working with community leaders (skilled labor)?
Bill Hybels Session 10: Whatever You Do, Inspire Me!
Bill Hybels
  • Motivation makes a huge difference in productivity
  • It is your job to keep yourself motivated.
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