• Have you ever stepped into a large project and needed to quickly read through code, understand execution paths, and jump between base and derived classes?
Browse code quickly.
  • Have you ever been looking to see if a class has a certain function, and it does not, so you look in the base class, and neither does it, so you repeat ... ?
See base class functions all at once.
  • Have you ever needed to browse backwards through code, to the function that called this one, and then to the function that called that one, and so on?
Easily click on callers.

CodeFalcon is a code browser and documentation system for Java code intended for internal developers of a project, who may need to learn and use a large object hierarchy that has limited documentation. It has many useful features for developers, such as:
This project also contains a utility to create a dependency graph that can reveal the relative importance of each class in understanding the code and as well as dependency cycles. Learn more!

See a live demo (uses the DiskCleaner 0.5 source)
Download the source: codefalcon-0.8.tar.gz


CodeFalcon is free to use and modify, but is under copyright and cannot be redistributed outside of your organization (including both binaries and source). The HTML output of CodeFalcon is owned by you and may be used however you wish. There is no warranty, express or implied. However, I do hope that you find it useful.