The symbol of Osaka
Osaka Castle is a recent reconstruction of the original castle that burned down in 1665 by a lightning strike. Despite being a concrete reconstruction, it looks magnificent, in some ways more so than Himeji castle. The interior is definitely very modern, though. The top floor has a really nice view of Osaka, and is a lot more pleasant than the top floor of Himeji castle. On the way down, take a tour through the musuem that is in the interior.

The castle grounds are extensive, with a number of gardens and temples. The walls of the moat are very impressive. I’m not sure what it is, but something about the combination of the height, the slanted shape, the clean water, and the stones still looking as precisely placed as they were when the moat was new is awe-inspiring.

More information is available from the official web site, including a handy PDF map that would have been handy to have. (Although there are a number of conveniently located maps in the castle grounds.)

The fish decorations
The moat is picturesque
The roof is peaceful and has a great view!