The sanmon to Nanzenji
Nanzenji is rather damp
Nanzenji is not an awe-inspiring temple complex, but it is has several interesting features. One is that it has an aqueduct build in the Meiji era. The second is that, as far as I know, it is the only temple that permits visitors to tour the sanmon (three-door gate). The sanmon is more than just a large gate to mark the entrance, or even to keep people out. The three doors in the gate symbolize something in Buddhist thought that I cannot remember, and at the top is a shrine to Buddha. Pictures of the shrine were unfortunately prohibited.

The view from the top of is great! After walking around Kyoto for four days and being very tired in the feet, I adopted the idea of some Japanese women who were having a pleasant conversation, and rested, enjoying the scenery and the pleasant damp air.

You can also visit the temple and the gardens, for a fee. The garden look pretty small; not sure if it would be worth it. Nanzenji is very pleasant on a rainy day, since there are a lot of trees that get a saturated color in the rain.

Nanzenji is probably a 15 minute walk from Chionin, but it is not served well by bus. If you are in the area the bus will be convenient; plan to visit Nanzenji in conjunction with other locations in the area.

It’s very relaxing at the top of the mon
The Meiji aqueduct