Thoughtful, careless words
Slowly or hastily chosen
Windows of our heart

Words, the little thoughts we find
Reveal the contents of our mind.
“This must be done by Friday”
“To maximize, derivative equaling zero is the way...”

Words, the short sounds we use
To let our feelings loose.
Hungry, tired, weary,
Happy, joyful, cheery

Words, smallish fragments of our hearts,
Used in affirmation or as painful darts.
“Your playing sucks  (you have no worth that I can view)”
“I love your painting  (my focus is your value)”

Words, the values that we express
Have the power to curse or bless.
The thoughts you tell your tongue to say
Can kill my world or make my day

Word. A little thought.
Tiny pieces of our souls.
What you’re worth to me.

If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check. (James 3:2)