Introverted Extroverted

Values Perfection, accuracy, prestige, security
Motto “Think”
Outlook I’m bad, you are bad
Money Money provides security
Negatives   Pessimistic, depressed, stingy, rigid

Values Accomplishment, success, leadership, decisive
Motto “Do”
Outlook I’m good, you are bad
Money Money is a measure of success
Negatives   Proud, bossy, dominant, my-way-or-highway

Values Peace, nature, loyal, follower, don’t want to be a burden on others
Motto “Rest”
Outlook I’m bad, you’re good
Money Only desire enough
Negatives   Naive, victim, indecisive, under-estimate self

Values Fun, play (not work), optimistic, random
Motto “Play”
Outlook I’m good, you’re good
Money Exchange money for fun
Negatives   Irresponsible, not on time

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