I skimmed The Seven Laws of the Learner in the bookstore one day and was so impressed that I actually bought the book. Despite being entitled “Learner,” the book is really about teaching: how can we teach so that our students learn. The book is addressed to Christian teachers, in particular preachers, Sunday school teachers, and Christian school-teachers, however, many of the laws are relevant even to secular teachers. Every time I read it I am convicted and impressed with how I should be teaching. As I have been taking notes, I have again been convicted, realizing that my teaching has really not been following these principles, which probably explains its lack of transformative power. Wilkinson provides a lot of information, illustrative and compelling stories, and steps to follow. Because these reviews are ultimately so that I have access to the contents of the books, and because there is so much content in this book, I have chosen to simply present the notes (mostly verbatim quotes of the text). Obviously, the actual text will be much more compelling. If you have any interest in teaching at all, I highly recommend this book. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be informed; you will be challenged. You cannot read this book and walk away unchanged.
Review: 10
Although this book is an easy read, it pretty thoroughly covers the topics. Wilkinson definitely follows his own principles of teaching. Every time I read this book I am challenged and my eyes are opened. I think this could be a 100 year book.